12 Web service ideas and examples in Japan

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Nowadays, there are various web services and even individual can create their own services if he/she has skill.

I'm also looking for ideas to create useful services so I researched web service ideas and examples.

I was thinking that maybe this information is useful for people who also want to create web services and have opportunities to do business between Japan and other countries so I share what I searched.

I removed global services where is popular in Japan for this example so that this article is also good start of researching Japanese web services.

Hope this will be useful for you.

1. Learning / Teaching

Online teaching services or matching mentor services connects people who want to learn something and people who have high skill. It could be language, art, music, or exercise.

These services are not only for people who want to learn, also people who have special skill (maybe niche skill too) and want to earn money anywhere.

Here's service examples started in Japan:

2. Skill / human resource sharing

It's also good idea to match people who want to sell their skills. Users can ask people to do some task on these services. It could be programming, web design, business consultation, language translation, etc.

Here's service examples started in Japan:

3. Time / Space / goods sharing

Web services can matches people who want to rent space and people who want to lend spaces.

This could be not only spaces, but also anything such as sports goods, camping goods, Camera, or any expensive staff.

Here's service examples started in Japan:

4. EC Commerce

There are already big e-commerce existed like amazon but we might have opportunity in this area if we look for niche area.

There would be the cite where sells their own items/services or there would be the platform cite where invite other shops who want to sell their goods in the site like amazon.

Here's service examples started in Japan:

5. Food Delivery

Popular services in Food delivery sector is UbereEATs, Zomato, and Swiggy.

There's also food delivery services in Japan, it's called "menu".

It seems delivery order is only available from phone application, not web browser. However in the future this services might be available on the web browser too.

6. Media Platform

People can share their own contents and interact with others like SNS.

note is one of the popular services started in Japan.

users can also sell their own contents to others too.

Qiita is also available for engineers to share knowledge in the platform.

  • note (articles / photo)
  • Qiita (Programming community / knowladge sharing)

7. Review

Reviews are everywhere these days.

Shopping, books, movie, places to go, restaurant, Hair salon, Cosmetics, etc.

Even some web services are reviewing users and workers for increasing safety of services such as Airbnb and Uber.

many services are combined review to make services more useful but It might be also nice to create web services only focused on reviewing.

Here's service examples started in Japan:

8. Price comparison

It became so much easier to compare prices because of price comparison services on the internet. people doesn't need to go and see various shops and compare price anymore.

There are also different area of price comparison services depends on goods and services.

Here's service examples started in Japan:

9. Q&A

This Q & A sites are applicable from general to specific areas. services might become better if categories are specified as more specialists and users who are interested in same categories gather and answer questions. It works as Forum.

There are a lot of kind of Q&A sites in Japan such as IT technology, programming, medical and health, manufacturing, law, childcare, exams, environment, hobby, etc.

Here's some service examples started in Japan:

10. Education

These types of services are not online teaching, but are able to learn on the website. Subscription model are popular in this kind of services.

Here's some service examples started in Japan:

11. Selling digital contents

Users can sell their own contents (photos, illustrations, stumps, etc) on the platform. In this type of services, Adobe stock would be popular for the worldwide services.

Here's some service examples started in Japan:

12. website builder

It's helpful for users who want to create website easily without coding. non-coding services would empower to people. It's important aspects.

WIX would be popular in this area but there are also website builder services from Japan too.

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