6 ways to find jobs in Japan for foreigners

Japanese culture (EN)

Finding jobs in Japan is a bit difficult for foreigners because it's hard to find information in English or you must speak Japanese in certain level.

If you are looking for job in Japan, this guide will be helpful for you.

there are a lot of websites for foreigners to find job in Japan.

5 ways to find jobs

It would be easy to introduce how to find jobs by dividing 5 ways.

  1. Teaching English : Government programs or contacting English school
  2. Office jobs : job listing website
  3. Working Holiday Program
  4. Freelance job : job listing website
  5. SNS Community
  6. Meetup Event

1. Teaching English

It's common for foreigners to get job about teaching English.

Teaching style or required level of English is also different depends on where you teach.

University / Collage

University and Collage in Japan often provides English education to their students.

JALT (The Japan Association for Language Teaching) shares job listing lists for teaching English.

JALT job listing: https://jalt-publications.org/tlt/departments/career-development-corner/jobs

Private Language Schools

There are also a lot of private language schools in Japan for different targets.

Some schools are for kids and some schools are for business person who want to learn English in business situation.

You can find job lists from job searching website but you might be also better to try contacting them directly from website too.

Here's major private language schools:

International schools

Working in the international school is also one of the option to get job in Japan.

if you search 「International school list in Japan」or similar keyword, you can find some database like as below:

The JET Programme

The JET Programme (The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) is run by the Japanese Government. This program aim at promoting international exchange between Japan and other nations.

You can work as Assistant Language Teacher through this program in public schools or local boards of education.

JET Positions

2. Office Job

Accounting, Marketing, PR, Engineering, Business Development, Whatever the job is, These job-listing website and recruiting services helps you to find office jobs in Japan.

  1.  Active Connector
  2. Robert Walters
  3.  Daijob
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Link Japan Careers
  6. Hays
  7. Gaijinpot
  8. Indeed
  9.  Jobs in Japan
  10. My Navi Global
  11. Wantedly
  12. Career Cross
  13. Mixess

3. Working Holiday

Working holiday is one of the way to stay in Japan and some website shows how to get jobs for foreigners who stay using working holiday.

4. Freelance job

you might better try looking for in freelance job website if you have certain skill such as programming, photo, illustration, marketing, translation, whatever company want.

This website summarize information about freelance jobs.

5. SNS Community

If you use SNS, you might get good information about job or company in Japan by joining groups.

Here's community example in SNS.

6. Meetup Event

Attending events is great way to connect with Japanese or foreigners working in Japan.

Meetup is one of the services that you can find online events.

You can find meetup events, online pitch events, etc.

Learn more about Japan

You can learn more about Japan here:

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