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Although the name "ninja" is now known outside of Japan nowadays, many aspects of the reality are still remained a mystery.

In modern times, Ninja is depicted in manga, movies, and games, and are often seen as heroes.

But what is a ninja really like? Hope this page help you to explore the ninja world.

What is Ninja(忍者)?

Ninja(忍者) were type of warrior who uses ninjutsu(忍術).

The main purpose of Ninja is to infiltrate the enemy's stronghold and gather information to gain an advantage in the war.

They can also disguise themselves to hide their true identity and confuse the enemy with false information.

So it was important as Ninja role to gather and control information and gain an advantage from information.

What is Ninjutsu(忍術)?

It is difficult to define what Ninjutsu is. Some refers to ninjutsu as the art used by ninja to use various tools to break in, while others refer to ninjutsu as the art of infiltrating enemy territory, obtaining information, passing it on to the lord, and helping to defeat the enemy.

Gathering information by infiltrating enemy forces included knowledge of psychology. For this reason, Ninjutsu may be a concept that includes not only just the tools and methods for espionage, but also the attitude.

In any case, since the speed of spreading information was much slower in the old days than it is today, there is no doubt that the transmission, disruption, and concealment of information by ninja was an incredibly valuable skill in the Warring States period.

Ninjaology | Science of Ninja

Mie University has the International Ninja Research Center, which promotes education and research on ninja, mainly in the Iga region.

This center is an international hub for ninja research and disseminates the results of its research both domestically and internationally.

English website:

The Ninja image created

According to International Ninja Research Center, opportunities to see ninja in real life almost disappeared and the ninja was depicted in novels and plays and became a common image of the the Edo period (1603-1868),

Nowadays, the ninja is usually dressed black clothes with shuriken, but from the early Edo period until the mid-18th century, ninjas were depicted dressed as ordinary people.

Due to the influence of comics and movies, the ninja people think of and the actual ninja are perhaps quite different.

English Books of Ninja History

Although many history books about ninja are written in Japanese, some books are available in English too.

An author-historian, Antony Cummins, who concentrates on medieval Japanese warfare is writing about Ninja.

You can see his books in Amazon:


Youtube Channel :

Ninja Contents

Today, there are many movies and cartoons based on the ninja.

Ninja Manga

Here's some examples of Ninja Manga.

Although some of Ninja manga are already translated, there're still many mangas that are not translated yet.

  • Naruto
  • Ninku
  • Azumi
  • Flame of Recca
  • Basilisk - The Koga Ninja Scrolls
  • Shinobino
  • 落第忍者乱太郎
  • 忍者ハットリくん
  • 風魔の小次郎
  • カムイ伝
  • 忍ペンまん丸

Ninja Movie

Here's some examples of Ninja movies.

A Band of Assassins

Enter the Ninja

Ninja : Shadow of a tear

Ninja Game

Here's some examples of Ninja game.

Ninjala - Season 4 Trailer

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection


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Ninja Experience

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